4 Reasons Why Muay Thai Workouts Are Better Than Generic Cardio Kickboxing


Even after 20 years, cardio kickboxing ranks high among those looking to get in shape. Students flock to cardio kickboxing studios to take part in classes designed for shedding weight through a low-impact, non-contact version of the ring sport. Is there an alternative “fitness fighting” class someone who craves a little more in a combat sport? Classes in traditional Muay Thai might be a lot better for the serious student. Thai boxing delivers all the benefits of cardio kickboxing along with other positive results nowhere to be found in watered down training. Here are four major reasons why Thai boxing can be the better choice.

1. The number of calories burned up in a one-hour session is enormous.

Martial arts training is a physical endeavor to be sure. Calories are going to be burned in any fast-paced class. With Muay Thai, the total number of calories is going to be huge. Thai boxing training is known for its high intensity. In a one-hour class, students are pushed to the limit. Movement remains almost non-stop, which further contributes to burning up a huge number of calories. Training three or four days a week can really burn up fat and transform the body quickly.

2. Thai boxing equipment training keeps the classes from being boring.

In a Thai boxing class, students don’t just “punch and kick in the air.” Thai boxing training entails the use of various different pieces of equipment. Focus mitts, Thai pads, the heavy bag, the belly pad, and more are integrated into the workout sessions. The variety of equipment ensures the workouts don’t come off as the same thing over and over again. Students won’t be bored thanks to the variety of workouts possible.

3. Muay Thai provides a complete and total body workout.

Punching and kicking are not the only two components to Thai boxing. Of all the striking martial arts, Thai boxing is among the most well-rounded. Knees and elbow striking combined with clinch work engage quite a number of muscles that would not be part of a traditional boxing program. The more muscles utilized in a workout, the more calories end up being burned both during and after the session. Muscles must recover after the workout, which burns calories. Using more muscles means you burn more calories.

4. Thai boxing is an awesome cardiovascular workout.

“Cardio kickboxing” should improve a person’s cardiovascular conditioning. Thai boxing definitely improves cardio conditioning. Losing weight is noble, but working on heart and lung health must never be ignored. An intense Muay Thai workout certainly will have an effect on endurance and conditioning. Most will appreciate the benefits of improvements in these two areas.┬áPlease visit Lanna MMA for additional information.