5 Important Things to Know Before Your Abdominoplasty Surgery


The abdominoplasty surgical procedure has for many years known to be a reliable way of removing excess skin and fat found in the stomach area. The process is beneficial to individuals who have been unable to achieve the toned core despite using diet and workout sessions. The abdominoplasty procedure is commonly known as tummy tuck and apart from cosmetic uses; it is also used in restoring the damaged and/or weakened abdominal muscles. A situation, which is prevalent in mothers after giving birth. Tummy tuck Toronto for the past few years has gained popularity among both women and men.

When considering any elective surgery, patients are highly encouraged to carry out research and get in touch with an experienced surgeon. Patients should inquire about the candidacy, scarring, risks, cost, expected results and recovery time. These topics can be well addressed and discussed by an experienced surgeon who specializes in the abdominoplasty procedure. Many patients have different reasons for considering a tummy tuck; it can be a mini-abdominoplasty or a full tummy tuck procedure. Below are five essential things to know before you start planning your abdominoplasty procedure.

  1. Planning plenty of recovery time is very crucial


The abdominoplasty surgical procedure is not a minor operation. Many patients have to deal with a minimum of 14 days of downtime; during this time, even performing, the most basic daily activities prove to be very difficult. Planning ample recovery time after the surgery will help you in focusing more on the healing process. You will be required to take some time off work and make arrangements for reliable live-in assistance, especially if you have kids around. After 21 days you will be strong enough to perform the light duties in the house, but you will need more than a month before engaging in any substantial physical activity. Within the first month, most of the pain, post-fatigue exhaustion and swelling will reduce hence the need for ample recovery time. Abdominoplasty recommends a 6-month recovery time.

  1. The healing process can be enhanced by eating nutritious foods


After the surgery, patients are advised to give plenty of focus on eating healthy and nutritious meals. Their daily diets should be rich in grains, only lean proteins, and plenty vegetables. Such a meal will enhance the immune system of the body, hence helps in a faster healing process of the surgical wounds. Fats foods and edibles that are highly processed should be avoided during the healing period.

  1. Having a stable weight before the surgery


If you plan on getting a tummy tuck, it’s important to make sure you have a steady weight before the surgery. Tummy tuck procedure is not the best for individuals who have experienced massive weight loss. In case your weight scale fluctuates substantially, it is best to go for a tummy tuck when you can get a stable number, which should be 10 to 15 percent of your preferred body weight. Such precaution is vital primarily to patients who had undergone the bariatric surgery recently; many plastic surgeons recommend the patients wait for a minimum of 12 months before having an abdominoplasty surgery.

  1. The abdominoplasty surgery will leave behind a scar


Nobody ever wants to live the rest of their lives with an ugly scar. When removing the sagging and loose skin, and tightening of the abdominal muscles the surgeon makes an incision (horizontally made) which goes from one end of your hip to the other end. The scar with time will fade from being red to light pink after a few months. After a few years, it will not even be visible. The horizontal incision is made below your panty lines. Hence, it’s easy for one to hide the scar in underwear or the regular bikini bottoms.

  1. The results from the tummy tuck procedure can be permanent


The primary goal of getting a tummy tuck is getting a stomach that is smoother and flatter with no excess fat. For one to maintain such a figure after a tummy tuck, its best to avoid any tremendous future fluctuations in body weight. Ladies who plan on having kids in the future should postpone the surgery till they are done having kids.