6 Awesome Reasons to Go to a Toronto Blue Jays Game This Year


The Toronto Blue Jays are Canada’s most beloved baseball team. If you aren’t already a fan, you definitely should become one. But even if you don’t plan on becoming a diehard Toronto Blue Jays fan, you should at least consider going to a game this year. You might even consider a Blue Jays road trip! There are some great sports travel packages out there. If you’re not fully convinced yet, here are some amazing reasons why.

⚾ 1. You’ll get outdoors.

If you’ve been looking for reasons to get outside more often, a baseball game can be a great way to do this. The nice thing about going to a Blue Jays game is that you’ll always get a great seat, and there’s usually a nice breeze in the stadium as well.

⚾ 2. You’ll have some amazing food, and it even comes to you.

Baseball food is some of the best sports food around. Hot docs, popcorn, peanuts and a nice cold glass of beer sounds good to just about everyone, right? Another great thing about eating at the baseball stadium is having the food come to you. You can certainly walk to the hot dog stands and restaurants to buy your own beer and food, but there are always vendors walking around to bring everything right to you as well.

⚾ 3. You’ll get to bond with friends, family members or co-workers.

If you’ve been looking for ways to spend more time with close friends or family members, baseball is great, and Toronto Blue Jays travel packages are even better. Baseball’s a pastime that everyone can enjoy.

⚾ 4. You’ll get to meet new people.

If you’re interested in talking to people and meeting new friends who share your sports interests, going to a Blue Jays baseball game is perfect! There are always diehard fans there who are willing to jab about the Blue Jays with you.

⚾ 5. It’s one of the best games there is.

Baseball fans are the best sports fans because the game is so amazing. People who don’t like baseball will say that it’s boring, but if you know anything about the sport, you’ll know that it’s always thrilling and exciting.

⚾ 6. The views at a baseball game are often amazing.

Going to a Blue Jays game in Toronto is awesome because you’ll have an amazing view from the stadium. But if you go to an away Blue Jays game, you’ll be able to see views of other amazing cities in North America as well.

Have we convinced you that you should go to a Blue Jays game this year? We hope so! If you’re interested in attending a Blue Jays baseball game this season, don’t hesitate to get online and look at the schedule so that you can purchase your tickets and make your plans as soon as possible.