Characteristics Of A Safe Surgical Facility


Choosing To Have An Elective Surgery

Thanks to many advances in medical technology, choosing to have an elective surgery such as a face lift, nose job or breast augmentation is now a relatively low risk endeavor that can often be considered an outpatient procedure requiring no overnight stays. While this is of great benefit to those who are considering cosmetic surgeries, in order to maintain the low risk nature of these procedures, a safe surgical facility must be chosen. The amount of medical malpractice lawsuits that are filed every day in the United States speaks to the physical and emotional damage that can be caused by unsafe medical procedures as well as the amount of doctors and surgeons who are running unscrupulous and unsafe practices. Choosing a safe surgical facility for an elective cosmetic surgery is essential.

How Do I Know If A Facility Is Safe?

For someone who is trying to determine the best surgical facility at which to have their elective surgery performed, knowing the characteristics that make a facility safe is the first step. Perhaps the most important factor in choosing a surgical facility is to make sure that the facility is accredited. Accreditation means that the surgical facility has been examined by national inspectors and determined to meet national criteria for safety, skill of personnel and credentials of surgeons. This means that a facility is staffed by board certified plastic surgeons who have been rigorously tested in the skills of their field and likely have a great deal of experience, much of which they should be able to demonstrate via the use of before and after photos from previous patients.

Other Factors Regarding Accredited Facilities

Accredited facilities also feature board certified anesthesiologists. Many instances of surgical failure and fatality occur when anesthesia is administered incorrectly, and the use of a certified professional reduces this likelihood greatly. Accredited elective surgical facilities across the United States have a mortality rate of less than one in every 57,000 patients and a complication rate of less than half of one percent, making them much safer than a similar facility with no accreditation. Accredited facilities also offer surgeries and treatments at lower costs. Part of the accreditation of a surgical facility requires that in the event of overnight care, patients are attended around the clock by at least two licensed staffers at all times. At least one of these individuals must be trained in cardiac life support. Additionally, medications and other necessary tools are on site and emergency plans are always in place.

Choosing Safety First

When making the decision to have an elective surgery such as a face lift, researching surgical facilities in an area via their social media presence and website is a great idea. Websites may offer background information about doctors and nurses, show before and after pictures and even answer questions that potential patients might feel embarrassed to ask. Using technology to research the safety, integrity and accreditation of local surgical facilities is a great first step on the road to choosing a location for an elective surgery.