Creating Fun Custom T-Shirts For Your Sports Team Or League


How About That Local Sports Team?

Sports teams are a fun way to promote unity and togetherness while staying fit and being with friends. Part of what helps a sports team feel united is wearing uniforms or matching t-shirts to identify themselves as part of a unit. Custom t shirts are a fun way for a sports team to express who they are and what they do, represent a particular event, game or season or just have a great piece of memorabilia from the time they spent on the team that they can treasure through the years.

Fun Shirt Creation Ideas

Custom t shirts are both easy to make and easy to buy. If you decide to go the route of making your own custom t shirts, you can throw a party for the team where everyone chooses a shirt. Purchasing a variety of shirts in different colors based on the sizes of team members and providing fabric markers or paints, iron on decals and letters and other decorative implements will allow the members of the team to have fun creating a very unique shirt. If you want to start with a base for the shirts that gives each one a common theme, look for a picture of a mascot or logo for the team and buy some iron on transfer paper. Print out the decals and iron them onto the shirts in order to have them ready for the team to decorate at the party. You could also choose to just make the shirts yourself, buying the shirts, the iron on transfer paper, making the decals, ironing them on and distributing the shirts to team members.

Having Custom Shirts Made

Although it is slightly more expensive, you can also have shirts custom made for your team members. There are a large number of websites from which you can order high quality, unique and individualized screen printed t shirts in a wide range of sizes, so the likelihood that your order would be accommodated is great. The technology of sales on the web has given professional screen printing companies the ability to offer the creation and sales of unique merchandise like t shirts, hooded sweatshirts, mugs, mouse pads and a variety of other customized products. While having shirts for your sports team custom made is going to be a bit more pricey than simply making the shirts yourself, the shirts are likely to be of a higher quality and will look the same in order to promote unity.

Deciding On A Design

One fun way to use social media to decide on an official design for the shirt is to conduct a poll of several different logos or themes and allow team members and fans to vote for their favorite image for the t-shirts. There are some websites that would even allow you to start a campaign to ask people to donate money to help you fund the purchase of custom made t shirts for the sports team. Whichever choice you make, your team will surely be grateful for their custom shirts.