Latest Fall Fashion Statements for Men

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Women are known to wear different styles and trends throughout the year when it comes to their fashion, but there are also a number of different looks available for men. The fall season is a great time for men to look edgy and masculine with different menswear styles that are currently on the runway. To enhance your look and feel confident, there are a few fall 2016 fashion statements to incorporate into your wardrobe.

Moto Jackets

Men who want to look edgy and sharp can wear a leather moto jacket during the fall season with for a garment that continues to remain popular on the fashion scene. The jacket can be paired with ripped jeans and a loose t-shirt for a casual look that is put together.

Funnel Necks

For the man who isn’t afraid to take a few chances with his wardrobe, funnel necks are considered to be a modern turtleneck that adds extra warmth during the fall season. The mock turtlenecks are extremely loose and model an urban style that is perfect to wear in the city. You can easily wear the item under a heavy coat or with a blazer when you want to stand out in a crowd.

Copper Colors

Copper is one of the most popular colors to incorporate into your style for fall with a seasonal shade that is still masculine. Consider wearing a copper tie to the office or purchase a few copper t-shirts to use with your favorite pair of dark jeans. Copper boots or oxford business shoes will also enhance your style with a touch of color that blends in well with the outdoors.

Duffle Coat

Duffle coats are heavy and will keep the chill away with a long coat that is considered to be classic outerwear. The coat is ideal in camel or brown shades and often comes with a hood for added detail. Pair the garment with combat boots and camo pants to create an outfit that you’ll want to show off.

Pajama Suits

Pajama suits are one of the latest looks for women, but they’ve also transitioned over to menswear with bold versions available. You can pair the casual suit with tennis shoes or business shoes while attending semi-formal events. Although the neck of the pajamas dips low, you can pair a shirt underneath for extra coverage that will allow you to stay comfortable.

Navy Details

Although black is a common color to wear in past years, navy replaces the edgy shade this season for a color that is still dark but stands out more. Consider wearing navy scarves, shoes, and pants to change up your look and rock modern attire that is fashion-forward.