Medical Marijuana in the Healthcare Community


In many cases, individuals suffer from ailments that can only be controlled with extremely strong prescription medications. Often, these medications can be far more harmful than helpful to the overall health of the patient. When the human body is already wracked with disease or pain, it does not make much sense to put extra stress on it in the form of strong prescriptions. Fortunately, for citizens of Toronto, there is another options for the management of these health problems besides harsh medications. Toronto is one city in North America that has made it legal to consume medical marijuana if you are a person that is suffering from chronic conditions like pain, or severe diseases, such as cancer or epilepsy.

Untrained Medical Professionals

When Toronto was considering the legalization of marijuana for medicinal use, many people came forward to give testimonies about the health benefits they had received from using cannabis as a medication as opposed to pharmaceuticals. Many parents of children with severe epileptic seizures came forward to testify regarding the normal lives their children were able to live after the introduction of marijuana into their treatment plan. Now that medical marijuana in Toronto is legal, there are a myriad of users who reap the health benefits from this plant. However, there are still vast amount of people who suffer in silence because they are not able to acquire a medical marijuana prescription from their doctor.

Most doctors are highly uninformed when it comes to cannabis. The use of this plant is not something that is taught in medical school, so doctors must do their own research to become knowledgable about the subject. Many times, doctors do not do this, or they simply view marijuana as an illicit drug with no true health benefits, although the advantages of the plant have been touted by many who are otherwise hopeless. As medical marijuana grows in popularity, doctors will eventually be unable to ignore it’s significance in the medical community, and hopefully it will become recognized as a viable source of treatment in the future.

Medical Marijuana Clinic Roles

While there are benefits of marijuana consumption for the ill, improperly used medical marijuana can have unknown side effects on the human body. Because this plant has been illegal for so long, there is little research and knowledge about it. For a small fee, medical marijuana clinics in Toronto are able to educate the patient about possible side effects from the consumption of cannabis. Additionally, many clinics stress the importance of marijuana education to health professionals. Through this comprehensive education process that these clinics employ, chronically ill patients can resume a higher quality of life.