Why Chiropractic Care is Important During Pregnancy


If you’ve been suffering from back or pelvis pain during pregnancy, then you’ve probably considered going to a chiropractor for adjustments. Many medications aren’t good to take during pregnancy because they transfer to the baby as well.

Chiropractor care is a safe option for relieving back pain during pregnancy that comes with many additional benefits. It’s so beneficial during pregnancy that it’s recommended all pregnant women see a chiropractor at least twice. For more information, here is an overview of why chiropractic care is important during pregnancy:

Many Painkillers and Drugs Are Harmful for the Baby

As you know, there are many medications that you either can’t take during pregnancy or must be cautious about. Chiropractic care can help eliminate your need for painkillers and other drugs during pregnancy.

Backaches are a common symptom among pregnant women, but you can easily soothe your back and prevent future backaches by regularly seeing a chiropractor to adjust your spine. Chiropractic care a method of eliminating aches and pains during pregnancy that’s safe for the baby.

A study published in The Journal of Manipulative Physical Therapy found that even minimal chiropractic care with an average of 1.8 visits to a chiropractor alleviated lower back pain in pregnant women without any adverse side effects.

Normal Physical Changes During Pregnancy Can Cause Spinal Misalignment

A pregnant woman goes through many physical changes during pregnancy that are normal. However, the spines of some women become misaligned in response to the physical changes occurring, such as softening joints in the pelvis and an expanding abdomen.

These physiological and endocrinological changes are necessary for creating a supportive environment for a growing baby. If the pelvis becomes misaligned, as sometimes happens in pregnant women, the baby will have less room to develop. Chiropractic adjustments easily solve that problem by realigning your pelvis and spine.

Eases the Process of Giving Birth

A third reason women should receive chiropractic care during pregnancy is it eases the process of giving birth. Keeping a healthy spine and aligned pelvis will prepare their bodies better for childbirth. Many women who seeing chiropractors during pregnancy have go through labor and delivery faster than women who don’t.

Another way that chiropractic care makes childbirth easier is it decreases the chance of having breeched babies and needing a cesarean delivery. A breeched baby is in a head up position inside the uterus. Babies should be facing head down for smooth delivery.

Seeing a chiropractor a few times for spinal adjustments and checkups during pregnancy improves your health, reduces pain, and prepares your body for childbirth. Even if you’re not experiencing back pain yet, it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment because your back or pelvis could still be misaligned. Chiropractic care is a safe method of pain relief and preparation for you and your baby. If you want to learn more, Chiro-Med Rehab Centre is a helpful website with lots of information and resources.